Dmitriy Novak

Dmitriy Novak, co-owner of Nova Design Build brings over a decade of hands-on experience in remodeling, specializing in trim and carpentry. His journey in the industry was fueled by a profound passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail, evident in his dedication to exceeding client expectations and delivering excellence.
At Nova Design Build, Dmitriy's commitment to integrity and optimism is paramount. His unwavering dedication to honesty and transparency fosters trust among clients and team members. Dmitriy's infectious optimism infuses every project with enthusiasm, inspiring the team to explore new creative avenues.
Dmitriy's strength lies in his ability to envision the extraordinary in the ordinary. His keen eye for design ensures flawless execution from conception to completion, continually setting new standards of excellence. Beyond work, Dmitriy cherishes family time and deepens his faith, embodying the same passion and dedication he brings to his profession.
  • Speciality :
    Complete Remodeling
  • Experience :
    10 Years
  • Expertise :
    Planning, Strategy